Thursday, February 9, 2012

not so mellow yellow

Hello S&C Readers!

We were graciously asked by S&C (who shares our love for vintage finds) to introduce our new Etsy store 'c h a p t e r s'  to the S&C readers! Clearly, we jumped at the opportunity. And to make the deal even sweeter,  c h a p t e r s is going to begin a weekly contribution to the S&C blog! Thank you Kelly!! Most of our blog entries  will revolve around our passion (who are we kidding, its an obsession) for home design. For our first entry, we'll be discussing the color 'yellow' and the many ways it can be applied into your home. 

It's hard to characterize the color yellow. From shades that evoke playfulness to those that evoke sophistication, this color is extremely versatile as it works for essentially any design aesthetic and for that, we LOVE all things yellow! Not to mention yellow reminds us of warm spring days, days we're longing for during the cold, gray winter months. 

Make a simple attempt at yellow by incorporating a throw pillow or vase into your decor. Or for those risk takers out there, make a bold statement by painting an existing piece of furniture. Either way, we think yellow may just be that extra element of  'oomph' we've all been looking for!

Thank you for reading - we'll see you next Thursday!

- c h a p t e r s 

p.s. click this link to see one of our favorite yellow finds, check it out!

1. Thomas Paul throw pillow, Anthropologie
2. Garden stool, Amazon
3. Jen Ramos canvas, Cocoa Hearts
4. Lilly Pulitzer bar stool, Horchow
5. Area rug, Macy's
6. Truffault Lamp, Kenneth Winggard
7. Set of 6 Vases, Horchow

image sources,  David Jimenez,  Miles Redd, elle decor, Nick Olsen's Apartment

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