Thursday, April 19, 2012

louis love

Good Morning S&C!

Since I can remember I've been on the hunt (CL, estate sales, antique stores, yard name it) for dining room chairs and I had my heart set on Louis XVI. I desperately wanted to go antique (at least 100 years old) but kept being reminded of just how delicate older chairs can be (not to mention petite in size (I swear we are giants compared to our ancestors)). Finding a 'set' also proved to be a seemingly impossible task...not to mention the equally impossible task of finding a set that was reasonably priced. So you can imagine the joy I experienced when happening upon 6 vintage rounded back louis chairs from the early 80's (larger frame) at a Dallas antique discount store. After doing a bit of negotiating with the shop owner (we played the 'how low can you go?' game) I left a very happy woman and the proud new owner of dining room chairs! See a photo below - I'm going to have the seats recovered and the cane back removed and replaced with a fabric back. If you live in Dallas and need a good upholsterer let us know, we have a guy. 

12C21038 Set of Six Louis XVI Painted Chairs .JPG

I'll draw inspiration from the professionals when deciding on fabric. 

Obsessed with the Asian end chairs!
Ruthie Sommers 
Elle Decor 
Source Unknown
House Beautiful 

Lonny Magazine 
Source Unknown

- c h a p t e r s 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

round top roundup

Hey there S&C, 

We're exhausted but for good reason (and we're not complaining) as we recently returned from the Round Top antique show and what a show it was! Truth be told, in the grand scheme of things, we only covered a small corner of the show (the show literally runs for miles and miles) but we had the best time EVA and we walked away with some darn good finds!! S&C even joined us one afternoon...three ladies on a mission, we didn't mess around. 

Our Loot:

My Mom found an amazing pair of blue and white porcelain vases. The plan is to flank the dresser in her bedroom and add a pop of color with pink cherry blossoms....channeling the vignette on the cover of the Veranda February 2012 its guaranteed to be a knockout! 


If you plan on hitting the show in the Fall, Excess is not to be missed. You're guaranteed to find unique, one of a kind pieces on the cheap! We scored this darling little Moroccan table, it needs a bit of love but we think she'll clean up nicely. 

The table can be used outside...
Moroccan Style Living Room Design with Rattan Table and Chair

Or inside...

I may even paint it a fun color!

And if you're wondering, I'm giddy to report that Operation Oushak Rug was a success as I returned home with a rug from Turkey that I'm slightly obsessed with (who am I kidding, I'm completely and totally obsessed) - its the exact colorway I was hoping to find and I just love the geometric pattern. See the rug and its temporary home below! 

We even found a few items for our Etsy store...follow the link below to check out an incredible Asian inspired Chapman lamp (move over 1stdibs, we have a winner)!

Leaving you with a few 'landscape' photos of the show! See you next week. 



- c h a p t e r s 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We're off to Round Top Texas ya'll!!

We could NOT be more excited about our FIRST trip to the world renowned antique show in Round Top Texas! Word on the street is Round Top rivals that of the Paris antique shows, oui oui!  Given the enormity (we're talking thousands of vendors) of the show it can be a bit intimidating (especially for those Round Top freshman like ourselves) so we sought insider information from RT connoisseurs and did some research on our own to better prepare ourselves for whats ahead. And although we'll only be there for a short time we hope to get a true feel for what the show has to offer and find a few fabulous treasures along the way!

Operation Oushak Rug.....our eyes will be peeled for a rug similar to that in the photo below (wouldn't mind those Louis chairs either). 

Tune in next week for a Round Top recap. 

For more information on Round Top check out the link below - the show takes root three times a year in this tiny Texas town!

Have a wonderful weekend!

- c h a p t e r s 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let there be GORG LIGHTS!

Hi S&C!

So often times the power (pun intended) of an interesting piece of lighting can be overlooked and dismissed. Instead of going the routine route for a pendant or chandelier think outside the box next time and take the road less traveled - look for a piece that doubles as a work of art! Be bold and make a statement with an over the top, eye catching light feature that will leave your house guests talking. The hunt for a unique, one of a kind piece can be a bit tedious but its certainly worth the time investment. Use Ebay, Etsy or your local antique store as your vintage resource! 

And hey, chandy's are not reserved for formal dinning rooms alone - think bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms (replace that unattractive overhead fan!) or even laundry rooms. 

See the daring lighting below for inspiration!
Naeem Khan's Home 
Source Unknown
Elle Decor 
Meg Adams
Lonny Magazine 

Tish Key 
Ruthie Sommers 
dining rooms - faux bamboo chairs black iron pendant trestl dining table white wood paneling  Large pendant lantern lighting and faux bamboo
Found on DecorPad 
Anne Coyle 
Betsy Johnson's Home 
Miles Redd

Wendy Schwartz 
Wendy Schwartz 
Celerie Kemble
If we were in the market for a new chandy we'd be tempted by this little number at Circa Lighting or this 'Sputnik' mid-century modern pendant from Ebay (and only $10k...a girl can dream right??).

Until next time readers!


- c h a p t e r s 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top Your Table

Hey S&C Readers!

Today's blog entry was inspired by Miss S&C herself. Kelly just celebrated a birthday (HBD Kelly!) so in honor of her bday we're talking parties and tabletop decor. 
Kelly and I instantly fell in love with the tabletop (see below) created by Kelley Moore (Seattle based lifestyle & design expert) for the Rue Magazine premier issue launch party back in December 2010. We promised each other that we'd make sure our 30TH BIRTHDAYS (one year to GO and its GOODBYE 20's!!) included a fabulous dinner atop a beautifully decorated table (all in an effort to soften the blow of turning the 'dirty thirty'). Kelley Moore has created a masterpiece tabletop with fresh flowers, inspiring china (parties are great excuses to break out the good stuff), red AND white wine glasses to deliver on all guest preferences and the soft glow of candlelight (so much better than harsh overhead lighting). We love how she personalized the table with photos of the guests versus the standard name tag...brilliant and just so cool! 

When setting a great table get creative and have fun with it...mix new and vintage, patterned and solid - gone are the days where everything has to 'match'. Can't find that perfect table cloth?....use a pretty scarf or gift wrapping paper as a runner...there are no rules!  

We're leaving you with photos of inspiring tabletop for your next dinner party. And btw - if you're not familiar with Rue Magazine, you need to be. It will soon become 'your pathway to stylish living' (Rue's mission). 
 Kelley More Rue Magazine Launch Party 

Well hello ghost chairs....we love you. 
Kelley More Rue Magazine Launch Party 
Lonny Magazine 
Eddie Ross
Interior Designer Miles Red for House Beautiful 

Interior Designer Phoebe Howard for House Beautiful 
Kelly Wearstler for SFERRA Confetti
Kelly Wearstler for Sferra 
pink ombre cake eddie ross
Whatever you NOT forget dessert. This gorgeous little cake is by Eddie Ross (recipe below). 
We're salivating. 

Wising you a very HAPPY Birth'month' Kelly! Don't we get an entire month....the answer is 'yes'. We look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!!

We're out, 

- c h a p t e r s

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring has sprung at my house! I am loving all the fabulous looking colors and smells going on right now.  Oh and our garden is full of crisp lettuce and other vegetables.