Thursday, April 19, 2012

louis love

Good Morning S&C!

Since I can remember I've been on the hunt (CL, estate sales, antique stores, yard name it) for dining room chairs and I had my heart set on Louis XVI. I desperately wanted to go antique (at least 100 years old) but kept being reminded of just how delicate older chairs can be (not to mention petite in size (I swear we are giants compared to our ancestors)). Finding a 'set' also proved to be a seemingly impossible task...not to mention the equally impossible task of finding a set that was reasonably priced. So you can imagine the joy I experienced when happening upon 6 vintage rounded back louis chairs from the early 80's (larger frame) at a Dallas antique discount store. After doing a bit of negotiating with the shop owner (we played the 'how low can you go?' game) I left a very happy woman and the proud new owner of dining room chairs! See a photo below - I'm going to have the seats recovered and the cane back removed and replaced with a fabric back. If you live in Dallas and need a good upholsterer let us know, we have a guy. 

12C21038 Set of Six Louis XVI Painted Chairs .JPG

I'll draw inspiration from the professionals when deciding on fabric. 

Obsessed with the Asian end chairs!
Ruthie Sommers 
Elle Decor 
Source Unknown
House Beautiful 

Lonny Magazine 
Source Unknown

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  1. ok, so where did you find them?? I've been looking for the same thing myself.


    1. Hi Audrey,

      They were purchased from Lots of Furniture in Dallas. They have some great deals!