Thursday, April 12, 2012

round top roundup

Hey there S&C, 

We're exhausted but for good reason (and we're not complaining) as we recently returned from the Round Top antique show and what a show it was! Truth be told, in the grand scheme of things, we only covered a small corner of the show (the show literally runs for miles and miles) but we had the best time EVA and we walked away with some darn good finds!! S&C even joined us one afternoon...three ladies on a mission, we didn't mess around. 

Our Loot:

My Mom found an amazing pair of blue and white porcelain vases. The plan is to flank the dresser in her bedroom and add a pop of color with pink cherry blossoms....channeling the vignette on the cover of the Veranda February 2012 its guaranteed to be a knockout! 


If you plan on hitting the show in the Fall, Excess is not to be missed. You're guaranteed to find unique, one of a kind pieces on the cheap! We scored this darling little Moroccan table, it needs a bit of love but we think she'll clean up nicely. 

The table can be used outside...
Moroccan Style Living Room Design with Rattan Table and Chair

Or inside...

I may even paint it a fun color!

And if you're wondering, I'm giddy to report that Operation Oushak Rug was a success as I returned home with a rug from Turkey that I'm slightly obsessed with (who am I kidding, I'm completely and totally obsessed) - its the exact colorway I was hoping to find and I just love the geometric pattern. See the rug and its temporary home below! 

We even found a few items for our Etsy store...follow the link below to check out an incredible Asian inspired Chapman lamp (move over 1stdibs, we have a winner)!

Leaving you with a few 'landscape' photos of the show! See you next week. 



- c h a p t e r s 

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