Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top Your Table

Hey S&C Readers!

Today's blog entry was inspired by Miss S&C herself. Kelly just celebrated a birthday (HBD Kelly!) so in honor of her bday we're talking parties and tabletop decor. 
Kelly and I instantly fell in love with the tabletop (see below) created by Kelley Moore (Seattle based lifestyle & design expert) for the Rue Magazine premier issue launch party back in December 2010. We promised each other that we'd make sure our 30TH BIRTHDAYS (one year to GO and its GOODBYE 20's!!) included a fabulous dinner atop a beautifully decorated table (all in an effort to soften the blow of turning the 'dirty thirty'). Kelley Moore has created a masterpiece tabletop with fresh flowers, inspiring china (parties are great excuses to break out the good stuff), red AND white wine glasses to deliver on all guest preferences and the soft glow of candlelight (so much better than harsh overhead lighting). We love how she personalized the table with photos of the guests versus the standard name tag...brilliant and just so cool! 

When setting a great table get creative and have fun with it...mix new and vintage, patterned and solid - gone are the days where everything has to 'match'. Can't find that perfect table cloth?....use a pretty scarf or gift wrapping paper as a runner...there are no rules!  

We're leaving you with photos of inspiring tabletop for your next dinner party. And btw - if you're not familiar with Rue Magazine, you need to be. It will soon become 'your pathway to stylish living' (Rue's mission). 
 Kelley More Rue Magazine Launch Party 

Well hello ghost chairs....we love you. 
Kelley More Rue Magazine Launch Party 
Lonny Magazine 
Eddie Ross
Interior Designer Miles Red for House Beautiful 

Interior Designer Phoebe Howard for House Beautiful 
Kelly Wearstler for SFERRA Confetti
Kelly Wearstler for Sferra 
pink ombre cake eddie ross
Whatever you NOT forget dessert. This gorgeous little cake is by Eddie Ross (recipe below). 
We're salivating. 

Wising you a very HAPPY Birth'month' Kelly! Don't we get an entire month....the answer is 'yes'. We look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!!

We're out, 

- c h a p t e r s

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