Friday, March 2, 2012


Hey there S&C Readers, 

Kelly has been crazy busy the last few weeks preparing for a photo shoot where she is serving as stylist (aka trend setting ninja)! The spread (you heard us right....'spread' as in multiple pages) highlights spring  fashion trends and will be featured in a Texas based publication. GO Kelly! So we're just here to say a quick 'hello'. 

If you're anything like us, just thinking about all of the work/preparation/planning that goes into a multiple page magazine spread is stress inducing. Somebody get us a cocktail, and stat! In anticipation of the shoot wrapping (where celebratory drinks will be had, no doubt), we're leaving you with photos of awe-inspiring bars. 

Whether you have a designated bar area or need to create a makeshift bar using a side table, folding table or tray for an evening...invite your friends over this weekend and treat them to one of your specialty cocktails (and by 'specialty' we mean something pre-mixed like a 'Skinny Girl' cosmo). The biggest bonus to hosting a cocktail party at your 'Last Call'. 


- c h a p t e r s 

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