Thursday, March 15, 2012

p a r s o n

Good Morning S&C Fans, 

We have a very busy day ahead of us so we're here for a quick HELLO and post about the forever versatile and timeless Parson's form furniture. Think of a Parson's piece like your 'go-to' little black dress (a stretch I know....but fashion can translate into interiors) - you can dress it up or down with accessories for completely different looks/feels and it can be used (worn!) in pretty much any setting.The Parsons table was designed by Jean-Michel Frank while working at Parson's Paris School of Art & Design then known as the Paris Atelier. The tables striking design has made them popular as dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, bookcases and occasional tables. 

See how the always inventive Nick Olsen and Grant K. Gibson dressed their Parson tables (genius)!

Find a variety of Parson's tables at West Elm! 

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-c h a p t e r s
Nick Olsen's Apartment 
Grant K. Gibson
Source Unknown
 Joan Crawford's Home (1977) Architectural Digest
 Joan Crawford's Home (1977) Architectural Digest
Our very own Parsons shelves

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