Friday, March 9, 2012

blue + white

Hey, hey S&C Readers!

We've always had a thing for blue and white porcelain (vases, urns, pots, name it!) but it was so often a challenge to find reasonably priced, visually appealing pieces as most B&W could only be found in antique stores, specialty home furnishing stores and cost a kings ransom. But, to our delight we've noticed (particularly in the last few months) that main stream retailers are catching on to the undeniable appeal and versatility for B&W. Now, we hate to call this a 'trend' as B&W has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years (a huge thanks to the Ming Dynasty) and we think its here to stay but its nice to have affordable resources (see below) that achieve the same look/feel as an authentic, antique piece only with a MUCH smaller price tag. Score! 

Check out the photos below as they serve as proof to the notion that B&W really can work with ANY color decor and style of furnishings. We've also spotted B&W at Homegoods, TJ's...happy hunting. 

See ya'll next week!

- c h a p t e r s 

1. Bud vases, Wisteria
2. Jar, Amazon
4. Jars Wisteria 
5. Jar, Overstock

A little glimpse of our own blue + white love!
Eddie Ross

Veranda Magazine 

Katie Rosenfeld

Mary McDonald 

Markham Roberts

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